Agastache Pink Pearl

This is the bushiest Agastache we’ve ever seen. Once we saw the flower, we knew we had to have it! With a height of 8 inches and a width of 16 inches, this Agastache needs full sun and well draining soil. It will bloom June-September and will rebloom if you cut off the dead flowers. They might not be as large or bushy but they will still be very pretty. They are deer resistant, bee’s hummingbirds and butterflies love them, have fragrant flowers, and don’t need much water so be careful on that.

Anemone Satin Doll Blush

This anemone is a shorter one. With a height of 9 inches and a width of 17 inches, it likes part shade or morning sun. It blooms a pretty pink flower July- October and likes well draining soil.

Echinacea Prima Amarillo

This Echinacea will make you go WOW!! With a height of 10 inches and a width of 14 inches, this plan loves the sun and will bloom June-October. Cut off the dead flowers to make it bloom again. It is a short but very upright plant with large golden flowers that you can see from across the garden. The flowers are fragrant so its great for a cut garden. Deer resistant and butterflies and bees love it.

Gaura Belleza White

We love having white flowers in the garden because at night, they glow! With a height of 12-18 inches and a width of 16-20 inches, this plant likes full sun and moist well draining soil. Its heat and humidity AND drought tolerant once established (which is good for the area). It’s deer resistant and is virtually disease and pest free.

Iris Purring Tiger

Ashley saw this in the catalog and simply had to have it! It didn’t take much convincing either- just look at it! With a height of 18-20 inches and a width of 18-24 inches, this is a Siberian iris. This likes full sun to part shade and blooms in early summer. Its deer and rabbit resistant and bees and hummingbirds love it.

Hibiscus Inner Glow

This hibiscus is a perfect focal point for your garden. If you have a large space to fill or want to put something up against a fence.- Hibiscuses are for you! With a height of 4 FEET and a width of 4 FEET. This plant loves full sun to part shade. Blooms midsummer- early fall. Butterflies and bees love these flowers and they are deer resistant.

Hibiscus Starry Night

We love both our new hibiscuses we couldn’t choose which one to feature so we are doing both. These flowers are 7-8 inches wide. And flower at the top and bottom of the stock so you get even more flowers. With a height and width of 3.5-4 FEET, they like full sun to part shade and bloom in midsummer to early fall.

Hosta Wheee!

Who doesn’t love this name! It’s extremely ruffly leaf with cream from top to bottom, it was PW’s 2021 Hosta of the Year. With a height of 11-18 inches and a width of 28-30 inches. These plants like shade, morning sun at the most (it’s not as severe as afternoon sun) Bloom in midsummer and bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds love the flowers.

Phlox Blue Ribbons

What’s cool about this plant is the variegated leaves. We haven’t seen a plant like this and knew we had to bring it to you. With a height of 12 inches and a width of 18 inches, this plant blooms in early spring. It likes moist, well drained soil. The flowers are fragrant and butterflies and bees love them.

Sedum Dragon Blood

Coolest name ever! With a height of 4-6 inches and a width of 12-18 inches, this plant loves full sun. Its drought tolerant, and deer and rabbit resistant. Is dry soil tolerant, virtually disease and pest free and needs dry to medium moisture in well drained soil. It also won the Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society.