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Ritter Perennials is Planting with a Purpose

The purpose of bringing 'Joy and Beauty' to your garden. The purpose of supporting the pollinators. The purpose of supporting local charities!

One dollar of each Heuchera Forever Purple will be donated to local charity to be determined this Spring.

Two dollars for every Hosta 'Eternal Flame' sold,  will benefit a local charity, to be determined this Spring.
2018 New Perennials

Amsonia 'Storm Cloud' A 'Proven Winner'

Dark near black stems emerge in the spring and form a mounded habit!

Light periwinkle blue, star shaped flowers cover the plant for many weeks in spring.  Grow in the sun/part shade to 30" high and 40" wide.  Deer resistant and easy to grow.  

Anemone 'Lorelei'

Soft ruffled pink flowers in late summer into fall.  Easy to grow in improved soil.  Likes shade morning sun.  Grows to 36' high 30" wide.  Deer and rabbit resistant.  Great fall pollinator!

Anemone 'Pocahontas' 

Double pink flower with a yellow eye.  Easy to grow in improved soil.  Flowers in late summer into fall.  Grows to 18" high and 24" wide in shade/morning sun.  Deer and rabbit resistant.  Great fall pollinator!

Anemone 'Wild Swan'

Wow!!  Single white flower with back of the petal being blue/violet colored!!  Grows in shade morning sun to 18" tall and 24" wide.  Does not reseed.  Deer and rabbit resistant!  Great fall pollinator.

Astilbe 'Chocolate Shogun'

Dark purple/brown foliage looks like yummy!!  With pink spike flowers in later May making it a great spring pollinator.  Needs to grow in the shade but not real dark shade.  Only direct sun till 10am.  Deer resistant.


Carex 'Banana Boat'

Stunning yellow foliage with a thin green margin.  Great accent plant to brighten the shade garden!  Great companion plant to Heuchera, ferns, hosta and pulmonaria.  Grows to 12" high and 15" wide.  Deer resistant.

Coreopsis 'Crazy Cayenne'

Firery Sunset Orange flower just says 'Wow' in your container of flower beds!!  Grows in the sun or a little shade to 18" tall and 24" wide.  Butterfly and bee friendly.

Coreopsis Li'l Bang 'Orange Elf'

Wow!!  Orange flower with a yellow eye flower.  Flowers June through October.  A dwarf grower in full to little shade.  Grows to 10" high and 18" wide.  Great multi season pollinator!!

Coreopsis Li'l Bang 'Red Elf'

Frilly red flowers with a yellow eye.  Flowering June through October.  A dwarf grower in full to a little shade.  Grows 12" tall and 18" wide.  A great multi seasonal pollinator!!

Dianthus 'Rockin Red'

This bold red 'Sweet William' is outstanding in the sun garden!  Grows to 15" high with the flower and wide.  Great may and June pollinator.

Echinacea 'Hot Papaya'

This one I grew before and I'm bring it back for and encore performance!  It's spicy red orange 3" flower has a pom pom center that the butterflies really love!!  Grows in the sun to 3' tall.  It's hardiness comes from being bred with the native echinacea purpurea.  Makes a great cut flower!!  Remember to let the echinacea go dormant naturally and cut back the following spring.  Don't bury with mulch.

Echinacea 'Green Twister'

I'm going to be straight forward with my fellow 'Horti-Holics'.  I haven't test grown this plant.  I'm so awe struck by it's beauty.  It's flower is lemon green with increasing carmine-red center!!  Two other reasons to try it is it's from the echinacea native purpurea and it's introduced by 'Julitto' seed company.  Echinacea grown from seed are hardier.  Grows to 3' tall in the sun.  Butterflies, bees and songbirds love this one!!

Festuca 'Blue Wiskers'

This is a 'Proven Winner' selection.  A great silvery blue accent plant for morning sun and some afternoon shade to keep it's blue color in our harsh summers.  Grows to 12" high and 24" wide.  Deer resistant.

Heuchera 'Wild Rose'

Another Proven Winner 'Primo' selection!  Wow, this one caught my daughter, Ashley's eye!!  Dad we have to grow this one!  This is a wide growing heuchera up to 28" wide and 10" tall.  Plus the flower attracts hummingbirds and bees!  Rabbit resistant.

Heuchera 'Forever Red'

Wow - another outstanding red for the shade garden!!  It's like Forever Purple has outstanding color but needs a little tender loving care.  Don't plant in the afternoon sun.  Don't plant in a wet area.  great color for a shade container.  The white flowers in mid summer compliment the ruffled leaves.  Hummingbirds and bees love the flowers, too!  Grows to 9" high and 15" wide.

Heucherella 'Buttered Rum'

Caramel dipped, deeply cut maple leaves adorn this plan!!  Plant in shade with other purple, silver, and yellow leaves such as heuchera pulmonary and hostas. Grows to just 10" tall and 15" wide!!  Wow, that will look great!!


Hosta 'Eternal Flame'

Dark green edge hold in an eye blasting white center!!  Grows in medium shade to morning sun to 12" high and wide.  Put a 'Eternal Flame' in your memorial garden to remember your loved one or favorite pet!  A donation of $2 per pot will be donated to a charity as part of our 'Plant with a purpose' program.
Hosta 'Munchkin Fire'

This miniature yellow host has small narrow leaves.  It needs morning sun to bring out the bold color!  Grows 7" tall and 15" wide.  Great for the front of the border of a small area by the walkway!  Plant with hosts blue mouse ears or school mouse!  It also goes well with pulmonaria.

Kniphofia 'First Sunrise'

Loads of solid fluorescent orange torch-shaped flowers show off in the summer sun!!  Grows to 3' tall and 18" wide standing above your salvia, Leucanthemum and platycodon!

Leucanthemum 'Sante'

This mid sized shasta daisy has double shaggy white petals!!  Remove dead flowers for repeat blooms.  Grows to 24" tall and wide in sun part shade!  Real eye catching and a great cut flower too!  Plant with salvia echinacea and stachy's!

Leucanthemum 'Whoops-a-Daisy'

A greatly improved medium sized shasta daisy.  Grows to 15" tall and 24" wide with 3-4 flowers and yellow center.  A real show stopper for you and many pollinators!! Plant with salvia, rudbeckia, platycodon and echinacea!! 

Pulmonaria 'Shrimp on the Barbie'

This deer resistant beauty has stunning deep pink flowers over green silver spotted leaves!!  Grows in the shade morning sun to 12" tall and wide.  Plant in the front of the garden or container to show off the flowers.  Plant with ferns, hostas and heucheras.  


Salvia 'Bumble Blue'

Is a prolific bloomer that grows in the sun or a little shade to 12-16" high and wide! Loads of violet blue flowers late May into July.  Really attract bees and other pollinators!!  Plant with Dianthus, echinacea and shasta daisy!!


Salvia nemerosa 'Rose Marve'

This one caught Ashley's eye walking through a trial garden!  It has the largest bold rosy pink flowers that bloom June into fall.  Cutting off the dead flowers will help it re-bloom.  Grow in the sun part shade to 12" tall and wide.  Is deer and rabbit resistant. The bold flowers really attract the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

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