Perennials are plants that come back, with proper care, year after year. We’ve divided them into 4 basic categories, depending on sunlight requirements and landscape design elements.


Salvia Rose Marvel

These varieties of perennials thrive in the summer sun. They do best when planted in areas that receive 6 hours or more of direct sunlight. Many are drought tolerant as well.



Shade perennials do best with 6 hours or LESS of sunlight. They usually like sunshine in early morning or late in the afternoon, while being in shade during heat of the day.



A native perennial plant is a perennial that originated here in this country. They are the same as when the settlers found them in the prairies hundreds of years ago.

Ground Cover

Ajuga Black Scallop

Groundcover plants are an interesting alternative to lawns. They cover larger open areas of a garden, suppress weed growth and reduce soil erosion.

Container Gardens

Plant perennials with your annuals in containers. At the end of the season, plant in your garden OR winter over in your container, to come back next year.

Border Gardens

The garden shape is usually backed by a structure, such as a house or fence and is usually planted to be viewed from 2 to 3 sides.

Rain Gardens

A rain garden is a garden of native perennials planted in a small depression. The longer roots absorb the water and decrease the runoff going into our sewers, streams, and rivers.

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