Achillea Firefly Amethyst

This flower is a bright lavender pink that ages into light pink. The Height is 18-22” space is 32-36”. Likes sun and blooms in summer. This plant is both deer and rabbit resistant. Butterflies and bees both love this fragrant flower and they also make great cut flowers.




Agastache Little Adder

This flower is a pretty purple color that gets 15-18” tall and 20-24” wide and loves full sun. Its half the height of Agastache black adder and Agastache blue fortune, as well as better branching. Also it gets three times as many flowers than other varieties.




Baptisia Pink Truffles

This is a plant that gets 48-54” tall and 36-48” wide. Plant in full sun to part shade and enjoy the butterflies and bees because they love this plant. Also its deer resistant and drought tolerant. When not flowering, this plant has cool foliage




Brunnera Variegated

This brunnera gets 12-15” tall and 12-15” wide and loves the shade so make sure its in full shade. Bees love the small pale blue flowers that make nice cut flowers as well. Its also deer resistant.




Dianthus Rockin Purple

This flower is a vivid purple color and has lacy but durable petals that has a long bloom time and make nice cut flowers. Butterflies and hummingbirds love this plant but deer do not. Plant in Full to part sun; height is 18-24” and gets 12” wide. Is in the same family as dianthus rockin red.




Echinacea Kismet Orange

This gets 16” tall and 24” wide and loves full sun. Hummingbirds are attracted to the flowers but deer don’t like them. They make nice cut flowers as well.




Eupatorium Little Joe

This one gets 36-48” tall and 24” wide. Does well in full sun to part shade, butterflies are attracted to the flowers but the deer don’t like it.






Hibiscus Summer Carnival

This hibiscus is super cool because it has a variegated leaf and the magenta pink flower gets 7” wide. The height is 4-4.5’ and 5-5.5’ wide, loves full sun to part shade. Also blooms in the late summer/early fall. Butterflies and bees are attracted to the flowers and deer resistant.




Hosta Dancing Queen

This hosta is the 2020 hosta of the year. It has bright yellow leaves and they should stay that color all season long. This gets 18” tall and 30” wide. All hostas are shade lovers so make sure this one goes in full to part shade. The flowers also attract hummingbirds.




Iris Lion King

This white and purple flower attracts hummingbirds and bees, is resistant to both deer and rabbits, is a late bloomer and makes pretty cut flowers. It gets 36-48” tall and 24-28” wide, be sure to plant this in full sun to part shade.




Penstemon Dakota Verde

This gets 12-24” tall and 18” wide, and loves the sun so make sure its in full sun. This has green foliage that turns burgundy in the winter and is a late bloomer. It blooms in July-August. It’s also deer resistant.




Phlox Uptown Girl

This plant is in the same family as phlox glamour girl. It gets 32-36” tall and 28-32” wide, is disease and mildew resistant. Make sure to plant in full sun. This plant is not only a rebloomer but has a long bloom period, attracts hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Also has fragrant flowers.




Salvia Marvel Blue

This gets 10-12” tall and 12-14” wide, loves full sun and reblooms. This is in the same family as Salvia Rose Marvel. The flower blooms in early spring and early fall and make nice cut flowers. In 2016 it won the Gold Medal Best in Show at HTA National Plant Show.




Solidago Fireworks

This plant is great cascading and gets 36-48” tall. Its drought tolerant and butterflies love the flowers. The flowers are nice cut flowers. Plant in full sun and it’s a great plant for late summer color in your garden.