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What To Do Now

What to do now for my garden?
Now is a great time to dream up an new design or where to add that new perennial. If you didn't finish cleaning your garden that's ok. Do it now! If the foliage is brown or the plant collapses. Cut the brown off just a few inches above the ground. If new foliage is growing at ground level leave it for next year. Rudbeckia Goldsturm, Leucanthemums, and Echinacea may grow this way in the winter.

If you have less than one inch of mulch, add more to that level. If you have plenty of mulch just scratch  it to loosen.

Your Heuchera’s are semi evergreen. So just cut off any brown, dead leaves and leave the rest alone. Don’t put mulch up against the plant. The close mulch will rot the crown.

It’s a good time to divide hosta’s, Leucanthemum’s, Rudbeckia Goldsutm, Dianthus, Poligonatum, and other clumping perennials. Just don’t make the divisions real small! Good size clumps will over winter better.

Remember to always give Thanks to God for the beautiful flowers He gives us!!!

Wow!! I love this perennial!!
The Aquilegia 'Origami Yellow'

These have great spring color in the shade garden! They flower for about a month and the foliage has great texture into the summer! Most Aqilegia (also know as columbine) have pastel or red flowers. But this Origami is a stunning yellow! They are rabbit resistant!

Support Local Business

Ritter Perennials are locally grown in the St. Louis area. They are only available at Independent Garden Centers.

When you buy my perennials 90% of every dollar stays in the area!! That's nine dollars out of a ten dollar plant!!  That's how you build a strong community!!  It's good for the environment too! Very little fuel is burned in delivering my plants. Some perennials are grown hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

We have been recycling way before it was 'Green'. Forty five percent of our potting mix is from recycled plant material! That is pine bark and fresh rice hulls. We are also involved with the flower pot recycling  program at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. You can also recycle your pots at many independent garden centers! Just look for a green trailer.

Click on the 'Retail Garden Center' page to find my plants near you. If they don’t have the particular variety you want, ask them to see if it’s available. Sorry, not all plants are available all of the time.

I only sell plants that I think will do well in this area. If they grow well for me, they will do well for you!!

Look at the What’s New page for exciting and new plants.

Also I'm a sponsor of Missouri Botanical Gardens 'Plants of Merit ' program. This is the gardens program to promote underused and very good plants for this area! Please go to

Any questions or suggestions please email. or

"No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture is comparable to that of the garden".     Thomas Jefferson
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