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Shady Charactors
Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’  Large heart shaped leaves that are deer resistant!! Not for a wet area, needs well drained soil. Will be the focal point of your shade garden! Has incredible baby blue flowers in April.  Grows to 48” wide and 18” high.  
  Hakonechloa ‘aureola’  Adds beautiful golden blades of sunshine to your shade garden. Needs well drained soil. Likes morning sun, afternoon shade.  Grows to 24” wide and 18” high.
Heuchera villosa ‘Electra’    This new heuchera is from native villosa breeding stock!  The red veins stay, but the leaf changes color with the seasons. Yellow in the spring to chartreuse in the summer and the fall and tan in the winter.  It likes well drained soil. Don’t over water or over mulch heucheras. Morning sun and afternoon shade.
  Heuchera ‘Mahogany’  It’s color is as rich as a mahogany wooden table. Just beautiful!!  Needs shade after eleven AM. Grows to  aprx. 18” high and wide, in well drained soil.
Begonia Grandis   This is a ‘Plant of Merit’ by the Missouri Botanical Garden! It love morning sun afternoon shade. Has beautiful pink begonia flowers all summer into fall. If you don’t mulch the seed will drop and spread for a naturalizing effect. Grows to 24” high. This was one of my dad’s personal favorites! He started propagating it and brought it to market twenty years ago!
  Polygonatum variegated   It’s a little  slow growing at first but is well worth the wait to spread! Morning sun afternoon shade and grows to 24” high.
Hosta  ‘Praying Hands’  Grows to 18” tall in a vase shape. The thin curly leave look like praying hands looking up to God!  
  Hosta  ‘Stained Glass’ This large multi shaded colored leaf is outstanding!! Grows to 24” high and 48” wide.  A great companion to Hosta ‘Praying Hands’ for that special ‘Memorial Garden’
Hosta  ‘First Frost’  Hosta of the year for 2010! The blue color is really accented by the cream edge!!  Plant blue hosta’s in cooler shade so the blue color last longer in the heat.  Grows to aprx. 18” high and 36” wide
  Heucherella   ‘Sweet Tea’  It’s villosa breeding gives it a big bold habit! This is the most intensely colored heucherella  ever!!  Grows to aprx 24” high and wide, in well drained soil. Morning sun, afternoon shade. (A heucherella is cross of heuchera and a tiarella.)
Two great non invasive groundcovers for the shade with well drained soil are:

Vinca minor ‘Bowles’  the small leaves form a mat with beautiful blue flowers in the spring. Usually stays under six inches tall. Morning sun or full shade.
  Packysandra  forms a very neat mat under your trees. Grows to just twelve inches tall. Will spread under the ground, but will not spread into your grass. Morning sun or full shade

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