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2014 New Perennials

2014 Macore Tags:

Alcea Queeny Rose Pink  

Grows to 24” tall and wide.  Blooms rose/ pink all spring and summer in full sun.   Can reseed itself.  A good plant for a natural or prairie design look.  Plant with coreopsis, leucanthemums, rudbeckia’s.

Allysum Summit  

One of the first perennials to flower in spring for about 4-5 weeks.  Grows in sun. 6-8” tall and 18” wide.  Great to plant on the border to show off the early flowers.

Arabis Lotti Deep Rose  

It is the 2014 color of the year 'radiant orchid'.  Likes full to part sun in well drained soil.  Blooms early in spring. Great to plant in a raised bed border to show off the early flowers. Grows to 6” high and 12” wide.

Bergenia ‘Red Beauty’ 

Grows to 24” high and wide in sun or part shade. 

Just as hardy as the other Bergenia ( also called pig sqeek) But has beautiful deep red flowers in spring. 

Very hardy and drought and deer resistant. 

Plant with Leucnathemum, rudbeckia’s and Coreopsis.

Carex ‘Blue Zinger”

Grows 12-18” high and wide in part to full shade.  Keeps the blue color better in afternoon shade. The blue green foliage makes a great accent to hosta’s, heuchera, polemonium, and pulmonaria.  Thrives in moist or average soil! 
Deer resistant. 


Carex 'Everillo'  

Replace your old liriope with a new selection.  Bold yellow foliage when grown in morning sun.  A Chartreuse color when grown in more shade.  A thin blade growing to 15" high and wide.  A great accent of color that gentle blows in the wind.  Can be used as a border or to accent pulmonaria, heuchera's and hosta.  Evergreen to zero degree.

Chelone 'tiny Tortuga' 

This dwarf 'turtle head' blooms in late summer and is deer resistant!!

Grows to just 16" high and wide. Likes sun to part shade. Will tolerate a regular moist soil.  

It's great to have some fresh flowers in the garden in late summer!!

Coreopsis 'Electric Avenue' 

This is a great new breed of coreopsis. compact of only 18" high and wide.

Beautiful yellow flowers from May thru September. Doesn't need cutting back to continue flowering.

Doesn't spread uncontrollably like coreopsis moonbeam or zegreb. Attracts butterflies!!

Coreopsis 'Lil Bang Daylight'

Compact with constant color It doesn't get any better!!  Bold yellow edge color on reddish center.

Flowering May into September.  The butterflies love this long bloomer and you will too!!  Grows only to 12" tall and 18" wide.

Dianthus Barbarini ‘Salmon’ 

So this is a ‘Sweet William’ that is selected for its unique salmon color. Grows to 8-10” tall and 18” wide in full to part shade. Easy to grow!

Blooms April thru June.  Plant with Leucanthemum, coreopsis, echinacea and rudbeckia.

Dianthus barbatus ‘Dash Pink’

Easy to grow.  Grows to 15-18” tall and wide. Blooms in April thru June in sun to part shade. Can be a cut flower or leave some for the butterflies!!  Plant with Leucanthemum, coreopsis, and Echinacea Pow Wow.

Digitalis Dalmation Peach 

A new color selection of foxglove. Grows to 20” high and 15” wide In part to full sun. Blooms in late May into July. Deer resistant. Easy to grow!

Echinacea 'Sombrero Flemenco Orange'

The 'Sombrero' series is strong and health echinacea with lots of bold flowers!!  There are not many good orange flowers for the summer so enjoy this one in the garden and as a cut flower.!  The butterflies love it too! The finch love the seeds. Grows in full sun to 24" tall 18" wide.

Gazania 'Tanager'

This is a nice low growing 6-8" tall perennial groundcover with orange flowers. Heavy flowers in spring and a scattering if flowers when it gets hot. Butterflies love it!! 


They are deer resistant!!  Have been bred in many colors but usually sold as a mix. Now the breeders are separating the colors and we have many to choose from. They are very hardy and evergreen to zero degree.

hey bloom in early spring.That's why they are called 'Lenten Rose'.  They rest of the year they make a great accent plant to heuchera, pulmonaria, and hosta. They slowly spread and grow to 18" tall in shade and morning sun.

Heuchera 'Fire Alarm'

Morning sun/afternoon shade will bring out the reddest foliage of any heuchera!! Compact grower to 10" high and 15" spread. White flowers in July.

Heuchera 'Galaxy'

This large leaf beauty has reddish foliage in spring with pinkish red spots on the leaf!! The leaves turn darker as the seasons change. Compact grower as 10-15" high and wide!
Heuchera 'Midnight Bayoui'

This purple leaved beauty has black veins which accent wonderfully with silver foliage. Such as as pulmonaria, variegated polemonium,or hosta! This leaf changes from a reddish purple to a silver purple in the late fall. Grows to 12" tall to 24" high. 

Hibiscus 'Midnight Marvel'

Is deer resistant!!  Has large red flowers on dark foliage. blooms form July into September. Grows best in full sun and grows to four feet tall and wide. Really fill that void of few flowers in late summer. Great substitute for Knock out roses!
Hibuscus 'My Valentine'

Deer resistant!!  Has a  nine inch large flower from July into September!! Has a slender leaf.  Grows to four feet tall and wide. grows best in full sun with rudbeckia, coreopsis, and leucanthemum. Another great substitute for knockout roses.

Hosta 'Humpback Whale'

This is one of the last introduction of Mildred Seaver. She hybridized hosta's for 20 years before dying at the age of 94!!  This large beauty grows to seven feet wide and three feet high!! It' large blue leaves grow best and keep their blue color the longest in the coolest part of your shade garden!! Give this beauty room to grow and make it the focal point of the garden!!
Iberis 'Masterpiece' 

Deer and Mildew resistant blooms from April thru September. This is more upright, bold plant. This is not like other Iberis that are trailing and wimpy!! Like it's on 'viagra'  Likes' mostly sun. Will tolerate some shade. Drought tolerant. Grows to 12" high and 18" wide!!

Lamium 'Mega Purple'

A tough and showy perennial groundcover, this forms a spreading patch of small silver leaves with a wide green edge. Clusters of large, purple flowers appear in spring then continuing off and on until fall. Fairly tolerant of dry shade, once established. deer and rabbit resistant!


Lavender 'Platnum Blonde'

Has incredible variegated foliage! Especially vibrant in cooler weather. Beautiful lavender   flowers that attract bees and butterflies! deer resistant too!! Plant in well drained soil preferable in a raised flower bed. Grows in mostly sun to 24" high and wide.


Leucanthemum 'Paladin'

A new selection from our friends at Terra Nova Nurseries. In mostly sun area it grows to 24" high and wide. Has several extra rows of white petals to attract you and the butterflies! Terra Nova says this plant is a very good re-bloomer! Makes a great cut flower too.


Leucanthemum 'Victorian Secret'

Neat, compact habit with more charm than should be allowed. A knee-high model of a daisy, giving other Leucanthemum on the runway an inferiority complex. Casually ruffled flowers on just right stems last and last, even through extreme heat.


Phlox pan ‘Shockwave’

Has deep-green leaves with prominent yellow margins that lighten to a creamy yellow coloration as the season progresses. The variegated foliage alone gives this cultivar strong impulse appeal. As an added bonus, the plant maintains an attractive, compact habit, reaching only 12 to 18 inches tall in the landscape.

And if the impressive foliage isn’t enough, it produces large clusters of fragrant, lavender-pink flowers with white starburst centers in  summer. Butterflies love it!!


Three new sedum from my perennial friend Chris Hanson. Chris has a great eye for selecting plants!
These sedum attract butterfly and resist deer and rabbits. Grow to 6-8" in mostly sun area.
Sedum are very drought resistant!


Sedum 'Cherry Tart'

Has unique cherry red tinted foliage with pinkish flowers in fall.


Sedum 'Dazzleberry'

Has smoky blue-grey foliage with vibrant and bold raspberry colored flowers in the fall  These flowers are very showy from a long distance!


Sedum 'Lime Zinger'

Apple green foliage with a cherry red edge in cooler weather. With soft pink flowers in the fall.


Veronica 'Spike'

This one is so new it's not even in a Google search!!  Grows to 18" in mostly a sunny area. Flowers from spring till fall with very minimal deadheading. A nice erect strong habit for the butterflies and bees to love!!


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