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2017 New Perennials

Achillea 'Lil Moonshine'

Butterflies and pollinators love it!  Deer and rabbit resistant.  Love the heat and some drought.  Blooms June - August.  Good cut flower or can be dried. 


Agastache 'Sandstone'

Rabbit resistant.  Bright gold to orange tubular flowers in June into September.  Hummingbirds and bees love its flowers 12" tall and wide.

Aquilegia 'Clementine Dark Purple'

Grows to 15" tall and wide in the shade/morning sun.  Dark purple flowers in May.  Early season pollinator.  May go dormant in the heat of the summer.

Hosta 'Mini Skirt'

This is a mini hosta growing in the shade to just 7" tall and wide.  Its flirty leaves are blur green with a creamy yellow margin in spring.  In summer, the blue fades and the edge turns white.

Asclepia Tuberosa - 2017 Perennial Plant of the Year!

Is a Missouri native plant and vital to the Monarch.  Citizens in Missouri and far beyond are concerned about the dramatic drop in monarch butterfly populations, which is due in large part to the decline of the monarch butterfly caterpillar host plants, milkweed species (Asclepias) across its North America migratory route. During the larvae stage it feeds off the foliage of the asclepia plant.  Plants that provide nectar sources for adult butterflies - as well as many, many other beneficial insects including numerous pollinators - are also of critical importance.


Astilbe 'Chocolate Shogon' - Be the first to have one!

A foliar color breakthrough!  Dark chocolate purple leaves highlighted with light pink to white flower spikes in May!  Keeps a good dark chocolate color all season long!  Grows to 18-24" tall and wide in shade to sun until 11am.  Keep moist during drought periods.

Astilbe 'Delft Lace'

Deep salmon-pink buds open to soft apricot-pink blooms in May!  Grows to just 15" tall and wide in the shade or sun until 11am.  Leaves turn maroon with some morning sun.  Can be deer and rabbit resistant.

Calamintha 'Marvelette Blue'

Great pollinator plant with bright blue flowers May into September!  Grows to just 8-12" tall and wide in sun or a little shade in the afternoon.  Deer and rabbit resistant.

Calamintha 'Montrose White' - A Bee Magnet!

This is an excellent pollinator from June until hard frost!  Grows in sun or little shade to 18" tall and wide.  The white flowers accent with all other colors in your plant community!  Deer and rabbit resistant.

Coreopsis 'Buttermilk'

Zone 5 - The ivory/buttermilk flowers from late May thru September!  Grows in sun to 18" tall and wide.  Great accent plant and fine pollinator! 

Coreopsis 'Cranberry Ice'

Zone 6 - Cranberry color flower with a white edge!  Grows to 12" tall and wide in sun or a little shade!  Flowers June into October and is a fine pollinator!

Coreopsis 'Ruby Frost'

Zone 6 - Large ruby red flower with a white collar!  Blooms June into October in sun or a little shade.  Grows to 9" tall and 20" wide and is a fine pollinator!

Geranium 'Karmina'

Grows in sun or a little shade to 12+" high and wide making a great groundcover!  Carmine red flowers in late spring attract butterflies.  Deer and rabbit resistant.

Heuchera 'Black Pearl' - A Prove Winner 

Shiny, large jet black leaves with scalloped ruffled edges!  White flowers grow above 10" high and 20" high foliage.  grows in the shade or sun until 11am.  Great accent plant that attracts butterflies!

Heuchera 'Mega Caramel'

This villosa type caramel colored top with pink purple underside!  Extra large leaf and the same tough drought resistant plan as the regular sized caramel!  Grows to 12" tall and 24" wide in shade part sun.

Heuchera 'Silver Gumdrop' - By Proven Winner

Vibrant pink flowers over real vibrant iridescent silver foliage!  This smaller sized heuchera is a real eye catcher!

Heuchera 'Zipper' - Will Knock You Out

You will love Heuchera 'Zipper' with its brightly colored, seriously ruffled leaves. 'Zipper' leaves are well-colored all year and change from orange in spring and fall to golden amber in summer and winter, always with its magenta backs showing. This ruffle was bred with H. villosa which gives the larger leaf size and better heat and humidity tolerance.

Hosta 'Christmas Tree' - Celebrate Christmas All Year Round

Large puckered dark green leaves with a yellow changing to white edge.  Hosta 'Christmas Tree' is a large Hosta that has lavender flowers and grows in shade.  It is a great pollinator!

Hosta 'Brother Stephan' - A Great Pollinator

2017 Hosta of the year!  A large thick corrugated and puckered leaf.  In spring, the chartreuse leaf has a blue margin and in the summer it turns gold and green margin.  Overall size is 24" high and wide.

Hosta 'Maui Buttercups' - A Great Pollinator

This very bright, chartreuse to yellow color, cupped, corrugate, and slug resistant leaves make this a special hosta!  The morning sun brings out the bright yellow color.  A small hosta at 12" high and wide.

Monarda Sugarbuzz series 'Cherry Pops'

A great series of hybrid monarda uniform in height.  Cherry Pops grows to 20" tall in the sun.  They do spread from underground.  This series is mildew resistant. Don't crowd monardas and that will help resist mildew.

Monarda Sugarbuzz series  'Grape Gumball'

Vibrant magenta flowers growing 24" tall in the sun.  This is a great summer pollinator!


Monarda Sugarbuzz 'Rockin Raspberry'

This monarda has deep raspberry/purple flowers.  Grows to 20" tall in the sun and is a great summer pollinator.


Nepeta 'Purple Haze'

A bold strong pollinator growing to just 8" tall and 30" wide in the sun.  The plants have a clean habit and bloom all summer long.  No maintenance because it rarely gets messy!  Can be used in the front of borders and mixed beds, as a groundcover on banks, or in a rock garden.  It is a very versatile plant.

Nepeta 'Jr Walker'

Compact Nepeta, its popular parent, Walker's Low, at one third its size.  Blue-green foliage contrasts nicely with lavender-blue flowers for a long blooming window from mid-May through September.  Junior Walker™ Nepeta was selected as one of the Colorado State University's Top Perennial Performers from the 2012 season.  Grows 18" tall to 30" wide in full sun.  It is a great pollinator.

Phlox 'Minnie Pearl' 

This natural hybrid phlox is especially early to bloom.  Clusters of large pure white flowers from late May into July.  It is incredibly disease resistant and likes the heat (was first discovered in Louisiana).  Grows to 20" tall and wide in full sun.  Butterflies love this one!
Phlox pan. 'Blue Paradise

From renowned Dutch landscape designer Piet Oudolf comes this intriguing, mildew resistant form of our elegant native.  This is true even in our St. Louis summers.  The flowers open a deep blue with white eyes and take on purplish shades during the heat of midday, then regain their original indigo coloring in the evening.  They attract butterflies and hummingbirds and their spicy vanilla-clove perfume is perfectly enchanting in bouquets.  Grows to 2-3' tall and wide in the sun.

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