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2016 New Perennials

It's time to take out some of the lawn and add a new flower bed!

Achillea 'Summer Berries'

Broad flat clusters of flat-headed flowers that attract pollinators on upright stems with aromatic, finely cut, fern-like leaves. Profuse bloomers. colored flower heads in shades of red, cerise, salmon, pink and more.  Grows in full to part sun 18" high and wide. 


Agastache 'Tango'

Trumpet shaped blooms of sizzling hot red orange. Attracts hummingbirds and other pollinators! Blooms early summer into fall. Grows 12-18" tall and wide in full sun! Real Deer resistant! They don't like growing in a wet area.    

Agastache 'Peachie Keen'

Great attraction to hummingbirds and all pollinators!! Beginning in early summer, the blooms open at the ends of the numerous stems, which maximizes the impact of their delicious apricot color. They hold their vibrant color all the way through fall, even after the incredibly long bloom season is done. Grows in full sun to 18-24" tall and wide.

Anemone 'Honorine Jobert'

2016 Perennial Plant of the year!!  Grows to 3' tall 2' wide in shade morning sun. The 2-3" white flowers in late summer really add new color that time of the year. Deer resistant unless the deer  are very hungry.

Anemone 'Pamina'

Grows 2-2.5' tall and wide in shade morning sun. Rose pink flowers in late summer. A great contrast planting to Honorine Jobert.


Astilbe 'Amber Moon'

Great spring pollinator! Lacy lime-yellow foliage is tinged with red in spring. Grows to 30” blush red stems carry rose pink airy plumes in late May. Positively glows in partial to full shade. Astilbe are mainstays of shade and woodland gardens. They combine well with other moisture loving plants.

Astilbe 'Flash Lime'

Great spring pollinator! Foliage emerges brilliant yellow, maturing to chartreuse providing a contrasting backdrop to still emerging bright new leaves. Foliage is further accented by soft pink flowers. Grows 18" high and wide in shade/morning sun! Deer resistant

Astilbe 'Mighty Joe'

Giant clumps of fern-like foliage with upright, pink plume-like flower stalks. Fuels pollinators in mid spring! Astilbe on steroids! Grows to 3-4' tall in shade morning sun. Can take a moist area!  Deer resistant

Astilbe 'Mighty Red Quin'

Giant clumps of fern-like foliage with upright red plume-like flower stalks. Fuels pollinators in mid spring! Astilbe on steroids! Grows to 3-4' tall in shade morning sun. Can take a moist area!  Deer resistant.

Arisaema Dracontium

A rare Missouri native to naturalize a shady area! A great three season groundcover that grows to 15" tall. Has unique foliage and flower. Will reseed itself to spread over a few year period. 

Coreopsis 'Center Stage'

A wonderful new coreopsis!! Great Pollinator! Incredible red flowers from late May thru October!! Nonstop flowers without deadheading!! Grows in full sun part shade to 12-18" tall and wide. Deer resistant! 

Coreopsis 'Lil Bang Daybreak'

Incredible single red flowers with a vibrant yellow orange edge! Great Pollinator!   Flowers nonstop from late May thru October! Grows in sun to part shade to 9" tall and 24" wide. Deer resistant.

Dianthus 'Coral Reef'

A great May thru June pollinator! Bold Blue/green foliage that grows to 12" tall and wide with unique coral flowers!! Rabbit resistant.

Eucomis 'Oakhurst' 

Also called a pineapple lily. Attracts hummingbird and pollinators! Bold, deep burgundy foliage. 12" purple flowers resemble pineapples in July/August! Makes a great  Cut flower with exceptional vase life. Morning sun afternoon shade to keep its great color.   Deer resistant.

Festuca 'Beyond Blue'

Has it's own youtube page!!   Intense, powder blue foliage. Color stays bright throughout the season without browning. Best blue festuca on the market! Grows to 12" high and 24" wide. Deer resistant

Heuchera 'Delta Dawn'

Attracts pollinators in July and August. This bicolor foliage change color with the temperature of the season. But it's always beautiful!!  Compact grower to 12" tall and wide. In shade/morning sun. 

Heuchera 'Red Lightning'

Attracts pollinators in July and August! An improvement over Heuchera 'Electra' Wow!! Electrifying dark red veins spark over huge gold leaves. Color holds well throughout the season. 'Red Lightning' is "villosa–strong" and draws your attention from across the garden.

Hibiscus 'Kristie's Krimson'

This plant is a 'Ritter Perennial' selection!  I found this growing among other common red hibiscus.  It is as beautiful as my daughter, Kristie.  This Hibiscus has large 10-12 inch flowers in the darkest crimson color!  It blooms late June well into September and is deer and rabbit resistant.  It is great to plant in the center or rear of the garden along with Coreopsis, Leucanthemums, Alliums, Rubeckias and Bergenias. A great pollinator too!

Hosta 'Curly Fries'

American Hosta Grower's Association HOSTA OF THE YEAR in 2016. Known for its narrow, rippled gold 7" long by 1.5" wide rippled blade! This hosta is great plant for your mini-small area. You won't be able to plant just one!

Hosta 'Happy Dayz'

This sport of 'Orange Marmalade' offers wider margins that are also bluer than its parent  Wide blue-green margins help accentuate the bright leaf center.  Grows to 18" high and wide in shade/morning sun.

Hosta 'Key West'

Good pollinator in July/August.  Boasts large gold leaves that are heart-shaped and slightly wavy. Forms an impressive mound of bright gold foliage. In morning sun it becomes a brighter gold color. Beautiful and graceful hosta that makes a wonderful specimen plant! The waving form and color remind the breeder of Key West sunsets.

Phlox 'Fruity Pink Party Drink'

A Ritter Perennial Selection'  Named by my creative daughter, Ashley. Just an outstanding shade of bright pink that will catch your eye from far away!! Grows to 36" tall 24" wide in full sun part shade. Flowers July thru August to fuel your pollinators!


Scabiosa 'Vivid Violet'

Great pollinator May into October!! Large, vivid-violet pincushion flowers set atop low mounds of mildew-resistant, frilly foliage. Very heavy flowering and will bloom continuously from late spring to frost.


Stokesia 'Peachie's Pick'

Pollinator June into September! Easily grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerates filtered sunlight, but prefers full sun. Prefers moist, well drained soils, but has surprisingly good drought tolerance. Wet soil in winter is the main cause of death for this plant. Grows to 18" high and wide.


Veronica 'Spike' 

Pollinator May into September. Beautiful Blue spikes that last a long time. Cut off dead flowers and many new ones will appear!  Grows to 15" tall and wide in full to part sun.


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