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2013 New Perennials

I look and travel all over the country to find new perennials! This summer the Perennial Plant Symposium was in Alanta GA  I found several new venders and visited the wonderful trial gardens in Athems Georgia.  Their test gardens are incredible! I could really see how plant perform in heat just like ours!

Also I search the AAS winners. I trust them because they have trial gardens all over America. Even here in St. Louis.

You will notice most of these perennials are smaller and compact. They fit into any situation! So enjoy the list and go to my favorite local garden centers and ask for the ones you can’t live without!

New Plants for 2013:

Acorus aurea pusillus mimulus   A great border accent!!  
Dwf. Golden upright grass just 5” high.
Grows in sun but some afternoon shade is helpful. Very hardy will tolerate drought to wet soil conditions in average to good soil.

Dianthus Can Can  Scarlet  Great cut flower!! A Gold Metal Winner!!
2” flowers on 12-18” stems. Full sun to a little shade. Blooms June into August. Deadhead for better repeat bloom. Zone 5

Echinacea Pow Wow White  Great cut flower. Blooms May into August.
Pure white flowers on compact plant up to 24”. Grow in full sun or a little shade. In well drained soil. Don’t mulch on top of plant in winter.

Heuchera ‘Malachite’  Curley green leaves grows on 16” tall plant. Great accent plant with other heuchera’s. Morning sun afternoon shade. Grows in well drained soil. Don’t cut back in fall. Don’t cover with mulch in winter. Zone 5

Polemonium ‘Touch of Class’ Brighten up your shady woodland garden!!  This is a very heat tolerant plant. Enjoy blue flowers in April and May on top of the variegated foliage. Grows to 12” high and 18” wide. Plant with hosta, heuchera and pulmonaria.

Heuchera Cajun Fire  Burning like a Cajun fire, these plants change colors with the seasons: red in spring, black in summer, and maroon in fall. They are always attractive, having clean foliage in rounded mounds. White flowers on dark stems hover just above the foliage.

Hosta Blue Hawaii Large corrigated oval leaf.  real blue leaf. Grows to 42” high and 30” wide. Plant in shade to keeps its blue color.

Hosta Blue Ivory This is a sport of Hosta Halcyon. So it’s real hardy but has an outstanding ivory edge on the leaf. Medium size

Hosta Touch of Class  has very thick, pointy blue-green leaves with a central streak of pale yellow. Pale lavender flowers appear in July. Excellent slug resistance. A tetraploid sport of 'June'

Hosta Winter Warrior has dark green rounded leaves  that are margined with a lightly rippled wide creamy-white margin. Near white flowers with striped lavender intervening open in early summer.

Lavender Phenomenal Named a 'Must-Grow Perennial' for 2013 by Better Homes & Gardens. With over 30 years of herb and vegetable growing experience, Peace Tree Farm has never seen a lavender as excellent a performer as 'Phenomenal'.

One of the hardiest lavenders seen throughout Europe and the United States, 'Phenomenal' has exceptional winter survival, as it does not have the winter die back that other varieties like Munstead and Hidcote commonly demonstrate.

Lavender 'Phenomenal' has also shown tolerance to extreme heat and humidity, and is resistant to common root and foliar diseases.

Most commonly popular for its silvery foliage and consistent growth with uniform, mounding habit, 'Phenomenal' has an elegant flower presentation and fragrance, perfect for fresh and dried arrangements and oil uses.

Both ornamental and edible, Lavender 'Phenomenal' is a deer-proof variety that can be enjoyed in the garden and in the home year-round.

Leucanthemum Bridal Bouqet  What bride wouldn't be happy to bring in a bouquet like this: lightly ruffled, double, broad petaled white flowers which are bright yellow when the first emerge. Habit is super compact and the blooms don't have that "Shasta smell."

Leucanthemum Goldfinch  This is the yellowest flowering Shasta daisy ever! Long blooming and compact with semi-double flowers, 'Goldfinch' is the product of years of breeding for yellow flowers. All other "yellow" Leucanthemum pale in comparison! Charming semi-double flowers, very slowly and gracefully change from bright lemon yellow to an ivory white. A real gem!!

Leucanthemum  ‘Real Glory’  is a wonderful summer-blooming perennial with unusual reflexing anemone flower form. Multiple layers of pure white petals open flat and gradually reflex, exposing an ever enlarging frilly yellow dome. Blooms age well and are carried on very strong stems. This variety is very floriferous with improved disease resistance. It prefers well-drained soil in the sunny border. Deadhead to encourage continuous bloom.

Penstemon ‘Pocahontas’ Stunning lavender pink flowers on red stems in late spring, Bold burgundy foliage. Grows to 24” tall and 12” wide in full or afternoon sun.

Perovskia  altrip. Peek-a-Blue  New real dwf. Russian sage. Grow in sun just to 24-28” tall. You’ll love it!!  The deer and rabbit won’t!!

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