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2011 New Perennials

2011 New Sunny Delights:

Allium ‘Summer Beauty’ The two inch globe flower is a magnet for butterflies. Grows in full sun/part shade, to 18” high and wild. Deer resistant and very Hardy. Flowers June and July. This plant was all over the city parks of Chicago in 2010. It looked beautiful!

Amsonia hebrechii is the Perennial Plant of the year for 2011! Grows to 2-3 feet tall and wide in full to part sun. The half inch powder blue flowers in May and June. They last longer in a little afternoon shade. Has fantastic yellow to golden fall foliage! It grows a little slow, but will take 2-3 years to establish a full size plant.

Buddleia ‘Buzz’ A new series of butterfly bush! The breeders have been selecting these plants for ten years to get a consistently short plant. They grow 3-4 feet high and wide in full sun. Flowers of violet or purple/pink start in May and bloom till frost. It will stay shorter in a pot but will not survive the winter in a pot.

Carex ‘Everest’ this beauty is a sport of the popular ‘Evergold’. Grows to 12” high and wide. Likes well drained soil, in full to part sun. This is a beautiful border plant. This is a very touchable plant! Will look great in a container but will not be winter hardy in a pot.

Coreopsis ‘Presto’ The deer don’t like it, but the butterflies do!! Has large two inch flowers on a compact eight inch plant. This award winner blooms all summer when deadheaded! Show this off in the front of the garden!

Coreopsis ‘Sienna Sunset’ This is sport of ‘Crème Brule’ I have always liked ‘Crème Brule’. It has been real hardy with little care. Sienna Sunset was introduced in 2009 at the Perennial Plant Symposium in St Louis. When I saw ‘Sienna Sunset’ I was real excited! The flowers change color slightly with the temperature. It flower May till frost! It looks better if you deadhead the old flowers! It like full to part sun in average soil. Grows to just 12-15 inches.

Digitalis ‘Dalmatian Purple’ This plant received high ranking in the plant trials! It has strong growth habit with lots of intense flowers In May and June! Grow to one foot high and wide. The flower grows to 2-3 feet tall. Is a nice cut flower to bring inside. Deer and rabbit resistant! Attracts hummingbirds!

Echinacea ‘Hot Papaya’ There are a lot of new Echinacea on the market, but I really liked this one last year! Blooms early summer till frost! Has large 2-3” spicy red-orange flower! The butterflies are really attracted to the pom pom center of the flower! Needs the full sun. Grows to three feet tall and two feet wide. Likes average to well drained soil.

Echinacea ‘Pow Wow Wild berry’ Is an AAS Award Winner!
(All American Selection) This is a compact growing cone flower. Grows to just 24” tall. It branches out with many flower heads, giving you more flowers per plant all summer. The flowers have a very intense deep rose purple color! Flowers start in June till frost. I have not personally grown this plant. But it is the talk of the town! So lets give it a try.

Euphorbia Myrsinites is an low growing plant with eye catching blue grey foliage. This is a perennial with succulent leaves Likes the full sun in well drained soil. Grows 6-9” tall and 24” wide. I’ve seen this grow in St. Louis and Chicago trial gardens.

Euphorbia ‘Blackbird’ I’ve been watching this eye catching black foliage a few years. This is not easy to grow. But if you can grow lavender, I think you can grow Blackbird! Give it well drained soil in a raised bed. Mulch lightly in the winter. Grows to 20” tall and wide.

Gaillardia Arizona Red Another AAS award winner! Gaillardia flower very much all year but may only live three years in your garden. But since they flower so much, you will love this red color. The compact growth of just 12” high and wide will look great in the front of the garden. Needs full sun or just a little shade.

Leucanthemum ‘Lacrosse’ This compact plant grows to just twelve inches high and wide. Has unique spoon like petals. Flowers late spring thru summer when deadheaded! The butterflies love it and the deer don’t! Will look great in the front of the bed with the new Coreopsis ‘Sienna Sunset’.

Leucanthemum ‘Paladin’ Our friends at Terra Nova Nursery say the unique blooms are so ruffled and layered they resemble an Edwardian collar! This Shasta daisy is more compact and flowers longer than Leucanthemum ‘Becky’. It grows to just 18-20” tall and wide.

Lobelia ‘Fried Green Tomaotoes’ Eye catching burgundy foliage all season long. It is accented by a stricking red spike of flowers in the summer. The hummingbirds will love this one! Plant in average to well drained soil. Mulch lightly in winter.

Salvia ‘Sensation Deep Blue’ this is a compact grower of just 12” high and wide! Deadhead old flowers and it will grow and flower all summer! Likes the full sun and is a great companion with the new Leucanthemum ‘Lacrosse’

Silene ‘Rollys Favorite’ This is a cross between Silene and Lychnis.
Has a bouquet of beautiful pink flowers in late April thru May! Grows to 15” tall and wide. It prefers morning sun and some afternoon shade. Plant with other Lychnis. The Silene will flower in spring and the Lychnis will flower in summer!

Solidago ‘Little Lemon’ This compact grower is just 10” high and wide! Has beautiful soft yellow flowers in August into Sepember! A great companion with fall blooming anemone’s. It is important to have a fresh flower in the garden in August. Little Lemon will really add new excitement to the flower bed!

2011 New Shady Charactors:

Heuchera Midnight Bayou Terra Nova Nursery says this is for the southern landscape. That means it will take the Missouri summer heat! It is bred with lots of native villosa genes. Has large purple leaves with black veins. The leaves do change color a little with the seasons. Grows 12” tall and 24” wide with white flowers. Likes to grow on the dry side. Mulch lightly and keep away from sprinkler heads

Heucherella Golden Zebra Get the neck brace out!! This one will be snapping heads as their eye catches this one! The spring color is golden and red! A great one for the focal point of any shade garden. Compact growth of 10” tall and 15” wide. Likes to grow on the dry side and lightly mulched.

Heucherella Sweet Tea orange tea colored leaves in the spring and fall. The leaves darken in the summer. The heuchera villosa breeding give it a bold habit! Likes morning sun and afternoon shade. Grows to 24” high and wide. Accents your hosta and brunnera!

Hakonechloa ‘Fubuki’ a beautiful green and white Japanese forest grass. Likes the morning sun and sun afternoon shade. Is deer resistant and grows to 12” high and wide. Looks great in front of hostas and Heucheras.

Hosta Empress Wu Wow!! This is not only one of the largest hosta’s at maturity (4’ high and 6’wide) but it has its own website! This thing is massive! It can be a focal point of a large shade area.

Hosta ‘Twilight’ If you were into the show you have to have the hosta!!
But seriously this is a beautiful medium to large hosta. It grows to 2’ high and 3’ wide. It’s an real eye catcher! Plant with Brunnera and Heuchera’s.

Hosta Fat Cat Wow this is a large hosta with yellow to gold leaves. Grows to 30” tall and 50” wide! The leaves are corrugated and has white flowers. Another great filler for a large shade area!

Hosta ‘Captain Kirk’ Ok it’s not ‘Spock’ but it is Captain Kirk! This is another sport of hosta gold standard. The green margin is a lot wider with a nice gold center. It’s a fast and easy grower with mostly a white flower. Grows to 36” wide and 18” high.
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