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2010 New Perennials
I search all over the country for plant breeders that have the best new plants for our area. I test grow them at my greenhouse and in my yard to see how well they grow. I give them to friends at the Kemper Center in the Missouri Botanical Gardens. I also give them to gardeners just like you to see how well they will grow in the St. Louis area.

But also remember ‘what is old is new.’  The Missouri natives are some of the best plants around.

I work with Scott Woodbury and Cindy Gilberg at the Shaw Nature Reserve to bring you plants they love into your garden or a new rain garden. Go to

I also work with the great ladies at Grow Native to learn what is best for your yard. Go to

New and Exciting plants for the 2010 Web Site

Phlox pan. Fruity Pink Party Drink. A new tall phlox that is as much fun as its name!!   Grows to 36"-40” tall in the sun. Enjoy all summer or as a cut flower. It is mildew resistant. Remember don’t crowd your phlox in the garden! Butterflies and Hummingbirds love the tall phlox!!

Sisyrinchium Yellow Stone and Blue Eyed Grass.  These are considered grasses but have a nice colorful flower that the butterflies love. The blue or yellow flowers are great on their own or complement each other together. Leave the seed heads on and they will multiply by the seeding. They plants grow to 18” tall.  They grow in full to part sun and well drained soil.

Huechera Caramel and Pulmonaria Trevi Fountain.  Two great colorful plants to brighten up a shade area!! If you have an old shade area  just add a few of these for a total new look!! The Pulmonaria even flowers in April with these beautiful little blue flowers!!

Stachys Pow Wow.The plant is very hardy in full sun. It will be full of flowers in the summer to attract tons of hummingbirds.This plant grows to 18"-24” tall and wide. Deer and rabbit resistant!

Leucanthemum Banana Cream.  The four inch flowers  open with a lemon yellow color then matures to a butter yellow color. In order to have continued flowers into September you must deadhead old flowers. Also great for cut flowers. Grows to 18"-24” tall and wide in full sun. Plant in well drained soil.

                                    Four new hostas to add life to that old garden!!

Hosta 'First Frost'. Hosta of the year 2010. It’s a sport of hosta 'Halcyon' so you know it tough. It emerges with a soft gold margin on the stunning blue leaf in spring!!  After the heat of summer sets in, the margin turns white on a green leaf. Real tough and slug resistant.

Hosta 'Orange Marmalade'.   This is a selected sport of Paul’s Glory. It will emerge yellow with blue green margins in the spring! It has light lavender flowers in summer. It has a medium size of 18” high and 24 “ wide.  This has the most amazing spring color of any hosta!! It will knock your gardening socks off!!! I'll have a photo later.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hosta 'Praying Hands'.  A must for any ‘ Memorial Garden’ for that special loved one. It has been named hosta of the year for 2011.  It’s compact 18” vase shape stands up like two praying hands!

Hosta 'Stained Glass'.  2006 hosta of the year!!  This is another one of my favorites!!
 Love at first site!! This is a large hosta that grows least 36” across. Nice white flowers with a sweet fragrance. This one is a show stopper!


Huechera 'Electra'.  Wow!! The blood red veins really stand out on the golden leaves. The red vein stays as the leaf changes with the season. the leaves are yellow in the spring, chartreuse in the summer and golden tan in the winter. It will take our summer heat in afternoon shade. Easy on the mulch and don’t overwater. Plant the root ball one inch high.

Any questions or suggestions please email.

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